-  I am a professional you can rely on
-  I offer professional experience and insight
-  I preserve the original meaning of your text
-  I adapt the cultural nuances of your text
-  I take the time to research specialist terminology
-  I inject editorial flair into the English text
-  I add value to your content
-  I produce a polished final product
-  I deliver on time, every time
-  I am committed to quality and take pride in doing it right


Louise Kelleher, M.A.
Srbsko 97, 267 18 Karlštejn, Czech Republic
Trading ID (IČO): 87259788 | VAT No. (DIČ): CZ8152042613
Skype: laobhaoise
Tel: (+420) 720 31 39 30
Email: contact@louisekellehertranslation.com

Louise Kelleher