Translation is more than just words; it demands sensitivity to cultural considerations and readability issues. Translators are said to live between two worlds, that of the source language and the target language, constantly moving back and forth between the two.

Having lived and worked in France and Spain, and currently based with my family in the Czech Republic - in the sunny village of Srbsko, not far from Prague - I take pride in my ability to make these worlds accessible to English speakers. This is why I only translate into my native language; the native speaker is best equipped to provide insight into the foreign world.

Of course, over a decade of industry experience has taught me that in today’s world, a translator must above all deliver in terms of quality, reliability and deadlines. I also guarantee five-star customer service.

However, true quality is more than just words. I offer intelligent translation: an accurate representation of the message contained in the source text, carefully digested and meticulously rewritten in English. I firmly believe that it is possible to balance the art of translation with the business.

Translation is my vocation. I love what I do, and feel privileged to work in such an exciting and dynamic field.

I’m always delighted to develop relationships with new clients, so feel free to contact me with your queries!

And yes, you can rely on me to deliver on time.


Louise Kelleher, M.A.
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Louise Kelleher